Refer to law enforcement.This is the first thing that comes to mind to anyone brought up in a civilized society.Therefore, do not neglect the advice, we still remember from their parents and school teachers - if there is something bad, please contact the police.This will ensure its security and if the case goes to court, may prove greater, the earlier you contact the police and write a statement.
find witnesses fraud.No matter where you cheated - on the street, in stores, in any other place.In most cases, there is at least a few people who witnessed what was happening.Be
sure to ask them to talk about what they saw to the police, and it is better if they will witness in the case.
Gather all the necessary documents confirming the fact of fraud.Availability of documents - irrefutable proof of your innocence and guarantee that you will be able to prove it.Be sure to get all the papers that have occurred in the commission of fraud - each of them has value and weight in court.
Remember and tell the police anything you know about the scams that you are looking for.It may well be that you have too much information, but in such cases, every detail is important - that is why it is necessary to recall and inform the police.This will create additional conditions for the fraudster was caught as soon as possible.
Find other people who are affected by the same person or group of people.Very often cheaters cheating is not only one person - a whole series of crimes committed and defrauded dozens of people.So if you have deceived you, then it is likely that someone else had been deceived just as well.If your case is not unique, the public and did attend to catching a cheater , poses a serious threat to many people.