Crosswalk - a special area of ​​the roadway, which is reserved for pedestrians to move to the other side of the road or street.For their designations used road signs or markings.Pedestrian crossings also include special engineering structures above the carriageway.
Sign of the pedestrian terrestrial transition in Russia
There are two types of pedestrian crossings: land and off-street.Each has several kinds.Ground are regulated and unregulated.Underground and surface transitions are off-street view.In the particular case of such a zone about hanging signs on both sides.
Sign of the underground pedestrian crossing
According to the rules of the road (para. 4.3), pedestrians must cross the roadway at pedestrian crossings, including the underground and overground.In their absence can proceed at intersections of lines of s
idewalks or roadsides.If the line of sight is no crossing or intersection of the rules are permitted to cross the road at a right angle to the edge of the roadway in areas without a dividing line and fencing where it is easily visible in both directions.
Sign of elevated pedestrian crossing
unregulated pedestrian crossing is not equipped with traffic lights, and they are out of whack.In this case, drivers must give way to pedestrians.For safety, before starting to cross the street, look in all directions, left and right, to make sure that you are not rushing machine.Please note that the road can go to the car of the special services, such as ambulance.Once you are sure that the road is free, go to the other side.Children keep better hand.
to regulated pedestrian crossings are those that are equipped with traffic lights in working order.Then move to the other side of the road is permitted only on green light.Some traffic lights at pedestrian crossings in areas of high flow machines are equipped with a special button.If you want to cross the road, press the button.After a short time the green light.Also, all the more frequent traffic lights equipped with a timer which indicates the time after which illuminates a particular light.Do not cross the road if you do not have time to do this for the remaining time.Drivers too impatient.