The most common cases of extortion is extortion on the roads, demand bribes to doctors and teachers for quality performance of their duties.Also, very often there are cases of fraud related to loans from individuals.So, if you borrow money and to return them, but do not buy this fact documented, there is a risk that the lender will require the re-payment of the debt.
Whichever view you may have faced extortion - the real threats to virtual blackmail scam and extortion of bribes by responsible persons, the decision in fact two.
can meet the requirements and pay the blackmailer the amount that you are required to.However, there are two controversial points.First, not the fact that, having received the requested amount, extortionist leave you alone an
d satisfy obtained.On the contrary, it is likely that demand repeated again and again.Secondly, the requirements may be you just can not afford.
second solution to the problem - to apply to the procurator with a statement of extortion.This solution is probably the most effective, although it will require some effort.First of all, that the application was reviewed promptly and bring the expected benefits, you must provide the most detailed information about the incident.
This will require a certain delay, as have quite calmly deal with an extortionist to get as much information on what grounds blackmailer wants to get money from you, how much is itYou will need to pass.The ideal solution - record dialogue on tape.Even with this information should contact the prosecutor's office and write a statement.
Upon application will be carried prosecutor's check.Depending on the type of blackmail, the degree of threat to your safety, the amount requested, developed scheme of operative actions, which in most cases is based on the transmission of bills marked as extorted sums.As soon as the amount will be transferred to the extortioner, it will be delayed, and then comes into action the Criminal Code, which provides for a very serious punishment for extortion or fraud.