Perebeyte his interlocutor, if you feel that you are losing the thread of conversation and begin to fall into a trance.Be sensitive to their feelings and to how a person is talking.You need to loudly and defiantly active gestures to interrupt the interlocutor, if he says it is too fast, then slow, snaps his fingers, foot beats a rhythm, touches you and staring eyes.
¬ęSkinte" off the hypnotic effect and switch.Very change position if the sit - stand if the stand - take a step or two to the side or back.Chop eye contact and make a pause in the conversation.If you are at the talks - ask to organize a coffee break.Open, Odakyu, walk around the ro
om - these actions will bring to naught all the efforts you are willing to hypnotize.
Avoid long immobility.With the resumption of negotiations does not try to be a long time in one position - it contributes to the hypnotic state.Be dynamic and unpredictable: change the subject, take up objects and manipulate them, moving from place to place, etc.These actions will interfere with the hypnotist, and he can not put you in a trance.
create between themselves and the person you are hypnotizing invisible barrier.To do this, begin to consider himself.Fully concentrate on the numbers and the effect of hypnosis stop.Another way to prevent exposure - humming to himself some of those haunting melody, which are difficult to get rid of.