The streets

Avoid deserted streets, especially at night.Do not be tempted to take shortcuts through the desert or abandoned Square Park.Do not reach for a purse in the street, do not recalculate the money does not show jewelry and watches, try not to take out of his pocket a mobile phone.Special advice for women: if you have to come back late at night alone, be sure to "pin" it was easy to throw down.

If, however, an attacker met you, soberly assess the situation.Run away only when firmly know that will have time to get to the apartment, or to a public place.In an extreme case it is possible to break the window of that alarm went off attracted the attention of passers-by and guards.Use force only afte
r the moment when you have physically attacked.Otherwise, only angered the criminal aggression.In most situations, the value will give a reasonable solution.
The house

Sadly, no steel doors, no sophisticated locks do not pose an insurmountable barrier to hackers.But the alarm system really able to scare off intruders.In no matter how much cost the installation of the remote call response team and a monthly service, it is not comparable to the damage that will cause penetration into the apartment thieves.Do not neglect the rules and other home security, familiar from childhood: do not let strangers into the apartment;do not hesitate to take on the stairs of the precinct or plumbing, while on the phone figure out its belonging to the organization concerned;When outsiders come to you, do not keep valuables in plain sight.
The machine

install a satellite anti-theft system to always be aware of the location of your car.It is, if not protect the machine from the opening, the lock allows the engine in the event of unauthorized launch.In order not to tempt petty thieves smashing the glass for a small profit, do not store in the cabin in a prominent place of handbags, wallets, navigators and other valuables.

addition to theft, motorists waiting for a lot of dangers on the road.Among them - the travel scam, adjusts a small accident.In this case the target intruders - by you in a fit of anger or panic phone, navigator, wallet and other things.Therefore, always lock the door when leaving the car.This also applies to gas stations, stops with merchants from whom you slow down near "just for a second."