If you need to pass a secret letter on paper, the text of your message write backwards (mirrored), a spiral, starting from the center of the sheet, or a serpentine (first from left to right, then right to left, etc.).You can also use the encryption method, which is used as a key to a certain poetic work, and the text to write next digital stroke indicates the line number and letters in verse.In addition, if necessary, complicating the decryption for unwanted elements without invisible ink, used to write letters to a solution of vinegar (
the letters will be shown in the paper, if you soak her decoction of red cabbage), citric acid or milk (manifested text after heating the sheet over a fire).
Install your chosen software (PO), if you want to encrypt e-mail .You can choose any of the offered products: Steganos LockNote 1.0.3, Romodos Crypro 2.0, DersCrypt v1.1 download, focusing on the rating of the product and the number of downloads made earlier, or more limit your search, setting the necessary any operating system version and typelicense any.After installation (setup PIN-code and so on. N.) Should be found in the "Utilities" string "Encryption and signature files."Next you need to click on the "Key", then to "key management".The documentation accompanying the Program, you will find a detailed description of the installation program step by step.Some programs involve the exchange of keys to decrypt the recipient of the letter, otherwise there is no necessity to pass each other secret keys.As keys are the numbers represented by bits cryptographic algorithm used in the encryption process text.
Take advantage of e-mail programs as another way of helping to encrypt e-mail .To do this, you must add the certificate to the certificate store of the recipient's computer, and to send a letter the appropriate address (for example, in Outlook Express is @, when writing a letter can enable the "encryption".Online Service Lockbin also provides the ability to send an encrypted email .Service does not require registration or install any software.Ensuring information security today is not paranoia.And not necessarily that you threatened to leak data or other financial loss, to use encryption.