first most important task of the terrorist - dissolve into the crowd without attracting attention.Judging by events in Muscovy, the Russian Federation as suicide bombers by the organizers of terrorist acts are usually used by women.
When a terrorist act bombers dressed in clothes common to the area.However, in their dress and demeanor, you can see some features.A woman's head covered with a hat, and it's not necessarily a traditional scarf muffled, but scarves and baseball caps.Summer clothes free suicide, skryvayushaya on the body of an explosive device, iedoes not correspond to the weather.
distinctive external signs
of suicide bombers are unhealthy pallor, inappropriate behavior, lethargy movements and reactions are caused by possible use of tranquilizers or drugs, as well as avoidance of cameras: an attempt to turn his head down to hidefor a tall person to cover the face with a handkerchief or hand.
Typically, a suicide bomber is carrying a mobile phone to communicate with the management in case of difficulties.Since terrorists are not usually residents of Moscow, they are distinguished by the uncertain terrain orientation, inability to easily use the metro cards and composters in land transport, as well as difficulties with the use of a mobile phone.
As for the car with the terrorists, they do not stop within walking distance from the venue of the attack.In the presence of the driver of the car terrorists try not to talk or be limited to the general phrases in their language.Female suicide turn away or close the face with a handkerchief.The stay in the apartments of suicide bombers will never go out of the room, it is strictly forbidden to communicate with neighbors in all cases.
Nationality for the organizers of the terrorist acts of terrorism does not play an important role.While taking into account the analysis of the recent tragic events in Russia, there is a tendency to use a remote rural residents of the southern regions of the country.
Keep in mind that for the appearance of any object can hide its real purpose.Under ordinary objects - bags, packages, toys, mobile phones - can hide an improvised explosive device.If a suicide bomber to feel the people's attention, it is able to immediately bring an explosive device in action.In connection with this, try to remain calm.If possible, report the suspicious person in your administration or the police or the security services, without attracting attention of terrorists.Note again: do not take independent action against suspicious person or objects.In this case, as soon as possible to report their suspicions to the police or the security services.