to somehow resist the formation of a negative image of migrants, the Moscow authorities have decided to make more use of social advertising.City Department of media and advertising has ordered the creation of several dozen short videos about Moscow in general and on foreigners in this metropolis in particular.Content 15 videos should be directed at "preventing extremism, religious and racial intolerance."

According to the department, the idea is that foreigners in short poluminutnoy stories told about any remarkable place in the capital or personal memories associated with this city."A little history, touching and sincere", which should end with the personal appeal of the hero of th
e clip in their native language.It is expected that there will be an expression of love and an invitation to Moscow to visit the capital of the Russian compatriots.

in City Hall say they ordered video products will be part of the program "Safe City", for the period from 2012 to 2016.Some clips in this series is to talk about how friendly can be a cosmopolitan metropolis.While showing a new social advertising is planned only on TV channels in the Moscow region, it is only partly addressed the Muscovites.According to Maya Lomidze, director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, rollers treatment of aliens it would be better to show potential tourists.And Nikolai Kurdyumov, Chairman of the Alliance "Labour Migration", believes that it is useful to any social marketing, forming a positive image of migrants.Especially if the videos will be displayed real, not far-fetched story of guest workers, their families and the benefits brought by these people big city.