So, the inspector did you stop sign.First of all, you need to pull over without interfering with other traffic.You do not have to leave the car, you need to open the window.The guard should introduce you and announce the cause of the stop.Since some time for a simple examination of the documents you can stop only on the stationary post STSI , then either the inspector noticed the offense, or similar to your car is wanted, or someone from in-car people seemed representative of law enforcement bodies suspect.
If a violation has occurred, and you will know about it, argue and "swing righ
t" does not make sense.It is better to admit his guilt, then the inspector limited warning or apply the minimum sanction.
If the offense was not, and the traffic police officer insists on the opposite, is drawn up.Ask noted in the document that you do not agree with the opinion of the inspector.The same position is held on the analysis and, if necessary, in court.Remember that the disagreement of a person suspected of violating the rules, are always interpreted in favor of the driver.As soon as you say that you went into the oncoming lane / parked in the wrong place / overtaking where prohibited, because they did not know / did not see the signs, you are found guilty.