Many of those who regularly use public transport, perceive the trip as an opportunity to think about the immediate problem, or read a book.Such passengers are pensive and often become victims of pickpockets.People are distracted from what is happening may not notice a light touch of the attacker.Sometimes thieves deliberately pushing standing passenger from one side to quietly and quickly climb up into the pocket of outerwear other.

In addition, some of the passengers themselves facilitate the task of pickpockets, leaving the zipper on the bag are not buttoned or holding a wallet in your back pocket.Thus, the thief need only approach the "production", to qui
etly and quickly take a wallet.

But the tightly closed bag does not protect their owners from theft of pickpockets.Thieves can make an incision in the fabric bags to extract value.To do this, they use knives or other sharp objects.For this purpose even a coin with a sharpened edge.

should remember that pickpockets often operate in pairs.The role of one of them is to lure the victim casual conversation that will allow the second party to quickly seize the purse.So, be wary if public transport someone pressing for a conversation on any topic.

Thus, to secure a trip on public transport, care should be taken where the valuables.Even the tiny phones should not keep in your back pocket.The optimum location for the wallet and cell - inside jacket pocket or bag.Furthermore, it is desirable to select the bags themselves of solid materials.Better to zipper on the bag fixed extra rivet - the more movements you need to do to open the bag, the better.In addition, it is desirable not to lose control of the situation, being in the public transport.To a man, firmly hold the bag beside him, the thief is unlikely to fit.