assess the situation.If you are in a group or its leader, prevent panic to avoid the state of emergency with others.If the injuries are minor, get the opportunity to take your victim to hospital, guided by the rules of transport immobilization.
Provide first aid to the victim.Depending on the nature of the damage, stop possible bleeding, tourniquet.Use as a bus any available materials to make the stillness of the injured extremity (in the case of fracture).
Try to reassure the victim and others in attendance.Organize minding him.
Call for help from a mobile phone at the number 112. Even if there is no SIM card or the phone is locked, the operator of the rescue service will take your call.
as accurately as possible, specify the location of the operator to rescue the victim, his cond
ition, time and place of the accident.If the accident occurred during outdoor activities, use as a reference information on significant natural sites located close to (the cave, rock, forest, water).Specify the number of people in the group.
Once an operator will connect you with the head of department service operating in accordance with the instructions received.
All further coordinating work with only the head of the rescue team.
If you do not have time or opportunity to stay with the injured person, leave with him people from your group or at least one person with a mobile phone number which tell the operator.Take away the rest of the group.Periodically makes contact with the rescuers.
Call emergency services made by telephone 101. Dates, through which assistance will directly depend on how well you pass information.