you need
  • - Own documents;
  • - pictures of the missing, the list of special signs, etc.
Contact the department of internal affairs at the place of your residence or place of the alleged disappearance of human .Police Officers are required to take your statement, regardless of their territorial jurisdiction, and the time elapsed since the disappearance of persons.When faced with stubborn opposition of law enforcement officers refer to a higher authority.
Take along your own instruments.If possible, provide a picture of the missing person .Best of all, if it will be pictures taken in that outer clothing, in w
hich a person is missing.If there are not, then just give as much as possible new images.
Describe special signs human : scars, moles, especially gait, speech.Check whether he took with identity documents.Remember, in that the missing man was wearing, whether there are any distinctive features from the subjects of his clothes, personal items, accessories: labels, engraving, etc.
provide as much detailed information about the circle of acquaintances of the missing person , the scope of his interests on conventional routes of movement.If you know something about past conflicts with someone else, the presence of debt, property disputes, etc., be sure to report it.
Provide information about the dental clinic, where there was missing.If a person took a voluntary fingerprinting and tenprints is in your house, bring it - it will be necessary to identify the body if happened irreparable.
Receive coupon-notification of acceptance of the application.After a day or two, check with the Police Officers involved wanted ohms in your case, what the initial results they obtained.As a minimum, must be available to incorporate information checks MIA and health institutions.
Please note that if you have good reason to believe that a person does not simply disappear, but became a victim of crime, you can claim the prosecutor's office criminal case on the fact of illegal actions by unknown persons.