To avoid becoming a victim of scam, you must remember the basic rules of safety.Do not open the door to strangers.If they are submitted by employees of a company, ask them to show documents and read them behind the closed door: Make sure you have paper to print and sign, note the photo - it should not be pasted on top of the press, etc.If the document specified phone number of the company, call and verify whether or not this individual is an employee of the organization.
not engage in long conversations with strangers on the street.If a person really needs help, his request will consist of one to two distinct phrases, such as "How to go to the street Lenin?" "Please, give place", etc.As soon as possible to remove if you consultation-tricks like: "Do you have a minute?" "You know that you
have a serious illness?" "Yesterday, people like you stole a car not far from here.There's just around the corner there is a person who can identify the perpetrator ... ".In no case do not enter into dialogue with them, otherwise it would mean that you are already on the hook.
Do not give in to provocations "mobile" scams.Do not call back to questionable numbers, do not respond to short sms numbers that offer "to receive the prize" or "fill up the account of his friend", usually anonymous, which supposedly was a trouble.The same applies to the 'easy' earnings on the Internet.Do not respond to emails that offer to receive a large salary, but for the paperwork asked to make a "small contribution", which is justified, for example, the payment of postal shipments, etc.
Referring to some company or organization for a particular service, pay attention to the availability of information, which should be given at least specific names, city (not just mobile) phonesas well as electronic and legal addresses, the official sites on the Internet.Be sure to read the documents that are willing to sign.If you have any doubt, please refrain conclusion of contracts as long until you get independent legal advice.