Before you begin active operations against its neighbor , correlate an event with the agreed human rights and responsibilities in the constitution.How legitimate action neighbor legitimate and how will you react to them?
In that case, if the behavior of a neighbor is illegal, try to soberly assess the situation and consider appropriate ways to interact with it.The intensity of emotion here would be superfluous, and the conflicts born of passion, can easily harm your health.
If noisy neighbors does not represent a real threat to you, go to the site and call at the door.When it appears, we recommend to apply the techniques of assertiveness.
Assertive behavior is achieving the desired results through patient negotiations polite.
In this case, the purpose is to reduce noise in a neighboring apartment.Then talks could begin so:
- Hello.I understand that you need to make repairs in their apartment.To do this, you even have the time - from 8 am to 11 pm.But even now there is no 8 and we all want to spend the rest of "quiet" time for sleep, not the showdown.
If the neighbor would intractable, agree with the part of speech, in which he was right, and should be offered an alternative.For example:
- Yes, in the apartment, you can do what you want.But it would be nice if you find something to do right now quieter and quieter.
And so on until you reach the desired result.Do not be afraid to repeat their demands, but do it in the correct polite.Sooner or later, a neighbor surrender because realize that you are right.And even if you do not understand, anyway it will be very difficult to confront with confidence and assertiveness interlocutor.
If the neighbor does not accept your demands, you have the right to call the police, after warning him about it.
But there are apartments to the residents which initially is useless to go to peace talks.People with marginal way of life do not bother to look at the clock before you start spending time as they like.In this case, it is better to shift the function of restraint against police officers.