5 countries with the highest life

Australia in this list is now in first place.For years, she leads the ranking, and not by accident.According to opinion polls, people in Australia consider themselves very happy.They satisfy their own health, housing and the environment.On average, people in Australia live about 82 years.The average income per person is about 29 thousand. Dollars.

second place in Sweden.This country is, among other things, distinguished by the fact that a very large percentage of the population - 82% - have at least secondary education.Ecology Sweden is known for its cleanliness, quality of drinking water meets the 95% of the population.The average income per person - about 26 thousand.

Next on the list - Canada.The average Canadian works in all 1702 hours per year, and the amount of his annual salary of about 38 thousand. Dollars.

Russia, according to the rating is on the last place of the list of states with the highest levels of economic development.

fourth place in Norway.In this northern country people very close friendships and family ties with each other.93% believe that they have, someone to rely on in difficult situations.Ordinary income is 31.5 thousand. Dollars per year.

The top five leaders of Switzerland.The Swiss population is also very established, the presence of at least a secondary education, boasts 86% of the Swiss.On average, residents in Switzerland live to 83 years, which is very high.Approximate income usually equal to 30 thousand. Dollars per year.

should understand that the level of life depend only on the average, the so-called "average temperature in the hospital."Everyone is able to affect your happiness and standard of living independently.

following 5 countries

In sixth place settled the United States, where it is especially good to live: housing and security is very high.The average income is also high - 38 thousand. Dollars per year.Immediately after the US is on the list of Denmark.There satisfied with their lives, most people - about 89% of the population!It is an all-time high.Ordinary income is 24.5 thousand. Dollars per year.

In eighth place Netherlands.The population works an average of 1379 hours a year, while revenue in the same period of the order of 25.4 thousand. Dollars.In ninth place Iceland.Here confidence that they have, someone to rely on, expresses as much as 98% of the population!Air Iceland is very clean, and comfortable with people and drinking water.Usually you can call the income of 23 thousand. Dollars.

closes the top ten UK.The average life expectancy in this country is 81 years, and can be called ordinary income of 23 thousand. Dollars.