you need
  • - recording surveillance cameras;
  • - testimony.
takes effect immediately after notice the loss.Remember when the stolen item (purse, telephone, etc.) was still with you.It is necessary to determine the approximate time and place of the theft .Such data can be very helpful to you to prove the fact theft and find the thief.
For example, you find that you have gone out of his pocket a mobile phone.Last time you held it in your hands 10 minutes ago in the lobby of a large store, which has video surveillance.Contact the police and indicate in the statement proposed location theft .Experts examine the records of surveillance cameras where you captured with your mobile phone.Even if they do not consider the appearance of the
thief himself fact theft be proved.
Another way to prove the fact theft - testimony.Law enforcement authorities may call into question the very fact whether you have stolen property.In this case, ask to speak as witnesses people who can confirm that you have seen the stolen item.
If you have lost expensive equipment, in addition to the statements of witnesses provide relevant documents (checks, passports, a guarantee from the store, etc.).This is only circumstantial evidence, but in conjunction with the statements, testimony and other fact s confirming the theft, they can also be attached to the record.
Simply is the case with theft, which took place in your home.To prove the fact theft do not touch anything in the burglary.Do not point the procedure, you can remove all traces of the criminals.Call the police.Traces of hacking mess testimony of neighbors (if any) - sufficient evidence for criminal prosecution.
Remember, it is easier to prevent theft than to prove it and, moreover, to find stolen.