To help preserve the planet for future generations, we need to start small.For example, energy savings.To do this, buy energy-saving bulbs instead of the usual.At night, turn off the computer from electrical outlets.Set in a house voltage, which will align the incoming energy into the house to the desired 220 will allow appliances to work in normal mode.By the way, home appliances try to update to the new configuration, more economical in the use of electricity.
Save water.Replace at his home in the bathroom shower.Check the condition of valves in the apartment.Install water meters.Wash dishes in a thin stream of water.Wash your laundry in the machine-efficient cars on the time and water heating modes.
Food choices and your daily diet can also help
to preserve our planet.At least once a week, go to a fully vegetarian diet.Use the food produced and reared in the area where you live.Remove junk food from your diet.Thus, you and your health will save, and do not support the manufacturers that their products are used in palm oil, obtained by cutting down trees, and the addition of chemical fillers unnatural.Buy only the necessary products for your saturation.And do not take anything in store for the future.Typically, this portion of the products thrown mercilessly hostesses.
Keep it.Use to write both sides of each sheet.Reduce the number of days used for paper napkins.Do not cut the young for their needs, do not dry trees.Use only dry trees campfire or heating their homes.
Try to move to a more economical and gentle in terms of ecology transport.Prefer the train instead of the plane, a bicycle instead of a car, going on foot instead of movement on public transport.
Nature reserves are not garbage, do not throw it in the water, always carefully extinguish the fire, do not pick flowers, plants, that after the release.Do not engage in killing animals, hunting.Fishing nets do not catch fish with the help of dynamite, electric rods.