Identify the main threats to economic security, which are the most destructive impact on the economy.Based on the analysis of threats to consider and implement economic policies, adequate current situation.
establish control over prices in monopolized industries in the sector of natural monopolies.This will help reduce production costs and achieve price parity.
to reform the tax system, which will reduce the burden on the industry.The reform is necessary to reduce the tax rates on the value added, income and pay, exempt from tax that portion of the profits that goes into the development of production and develop
ment of new technology, research and development, working capital of the enterprise.These measures will help to attract the interest of business in the sphere of science and high technology.In the modern world it is impossible to become a superpower without significant investments and development in these areas.
create conditions for competition in the sphere of production.This will contribute to the increase in the number of small and medium-sized enterprises, reducing the gap between the rate of profit institutions trade, financial and banking system and the profitability of industries and agriculture.
raise duties on imported from overseas agricultural products, products of light and food industries.It is necessary to invest in the development of domestic producers and introduce a strict system of state standards for imported products.These measures will increase the competitiveness of Russian on the world market.
contain inflation by state control over formation costs and selling prices.