crash occurred at ten o'clock local time, not far from the Italian village of Giglio Porto, District Taskan.Most of the passengers of the liner to dine in the restaurant at the time, the ship hit a reef and began to sink.It would seem that the conditions for the rescue operation are favorable, but the crew of the cruise ship behaved very unprofessional.After 15 minutes after the collision, the captain of Costa Concordia announced that the ship had some problems with the generator.Half an hour later, he repeated the fault generator.Only closer to 22 when the list of the vessel reached 30 degrees, there was a signal for the passengers to leave the ship.The very rescue operation started already late at night, although the Coast Guard previously been associated with the liner, specifying did not need
any help.As a result, 30 people were killed, and two still unaccounted for.

By late summer, the vessel itself has not yet taken off the reef.After completion of the pumping of fuel, it was announced who has won the tender to conduct work on the recovery and evacuation of the ship.The winner was the American company Titan Salvage.In June, experts have begun to dismantle the Costa Concordia.It is expected that the work will last about a year.At the moment, we dismantled the mast and a huge swimming pool, which was located on the upper deck of a luxury liner.As explained by our experts, to begin their task - as much as possible to facilitate the vessel and at the same time see to it that it does not start sliding into the depths.After that it will be built underwater platform, equipped with pontoons filled with water.She will be a support for the sunken ship and pontoons to help give it a vertical position.In such a vessel will be towed to an Italian port.