Install terms of existing competitors, the most interested in trends and the transactions represented organization.
Provide a process to identify "mishandled Kazatchkov" from the reception staff.Learn their current attitude to previous jobs and employers.Type in practice in employment or service increase polygraph test and the declaration of financial position.Check the degree of protection of interdepartmental communication channels to vote outside chance of hacking computer space through remote access to the network.
Put yourself in the shoes of potential spyware, identify the vulnerable conditions under which projected the possible leak important information, and suggested ways to reset the required information.
Organize transparency and location of jobs of all employees, all employees were mostly in the field of view of the users of the absolute confidence of the leadership.Carefully observe the regime of destruction drafts and spoiled documents.
Equip audiovisual monitoring of places of public use (smoking rooms and toilets), install wiretapping job exchanges and e-mails from the office computer.Periodically check the unspoken ongoing activities of subordinates individual categories in the workplace under the pretext troubleshooting of office equipment or office equipment mount.For this purpose, Reach specializing in this private detectives.Appropriately detailed instruct employed persons.
In the case of confirmation of the facts of introduction of unwanted persons in the company to establish surveillance of suspected spies and analyze their lifestyles, sources of income and expenses, the availability of accounts in other banks.Pay special attention to the purchase of expensive items or participate in trips to luxury resorts, which normally could not be freely allowed.