«Wasp" and "Hornet»

traumatic considered civilian weapons used solely for the purpose of self-defense.More common is the name of his "travmatika."It is produced in the form of pistols and revolvers with a caliber of 9 mm to 18, very resembling martial.The main difference between traumatic weapon is less powerful shooting - 85 against 700 joules, and rubber bullets.

Once in the human, rubber bullets are also able to cause very serious injury.Even fatal.Shares traumatic gun on two types:
- tubeless firearms - pistols "Wasp", "Osa-Aegis", "Cordon", "guard" and others;
- gas, intended, in particular, and for firing rubber bullets - guns "Makarych", "Leader", "Viking",
"Jorge", "Esaul", "Iz 79-9T" revolvers "Hornet", "Agent ", and others.

legitimate way

Terms of the acquisition, storage, carrying and use of traumatic weapons regulates the relevant federal law.He, in particular, states that have "travmatiku" permitted only to adult, capable and tried to citizens who have passed the special examination, passed a medical examination and to have a permanent place of residence.

Before you buy a traumatic gun in a gun shop, you want to get in the police department a special license permitting license.And acquiring it must be no later than two weeks to register the gun in the same department.

Terms shooting

relevant laws can be recognized only shot fired when absolutely necessary.For example, if there is an immediate threat to life, health and property.As your personal as well as the safety of your loved ones, family members.That is only for self-defense.Remember that before pressing the trigger you have to loudly warn the offender.And even better - to fire first into the air.

can not shoot a man if he is to you closer than one meter, prohibited shooting in the head, neck and groin.It is also not allowed to use a gun when you confront women, the disabled or minor - if the "tender" age of the latter is clear and without documents.The exceptions are only the cases of armed attack on you and your loved ones an armed group hooligan teenagers or having three convictions drunken disabled with an ax / gun.

Therefore, acquiring "Osu" or "Makarych", it should be remembered that any use of the gun is permitted by law, you may find the criminal and the last.What it can cause not only the deprivation of the right to have weapons, but also prosecution.Up to the loss of freedom - in the case of serious injury or death - in the long term.