Produce a series of photographs before the start of a thorough investigation of the crime scene;to proceed to the examination shoe covers and gloves, not to lubricate the left fingerprints and other traces of identifiers.Take scrupulously to the initial stage of collecting information for the next operational detective activities.Abandoned criminal fines, such as hair, sweat, saliva on cigarette butts, to help in his capture by the reconciliation of DNA "biomaterial" with "bank" of data.
Try to fix the sensations of olf
actory receptors, if you do not come with "detector smell" - the smell of each person is unique, like a fingerprint, and it can be a long time in the air and on objects.If necessary, you can use the help of dog handlers to trained dog, "I picked up the trail."
Now Line up a logical chain of collected during the investigation of the crime facts.There will need to attract specialists to build a psychological profile of unknown criminal .Drawing psihoprofilya help you narrow down the suspects, and provide information on the identity of the offender and models of behavior.The psychological portrait, a photo-robot criminal intelligence services used in the course of investigations, allowing you to select the required method of "catch on live bait", "cleansing" or "introduction of the gang."
Refer to the help of some of the visionaries, if the information is not enough.This method of catching criminals often pays off, allowing you to restore a missing link in the logical chain, or helps to produce "evidence of iron" in unexpected places.Equipment rooms with special means of observation and protection can enable significantly reduce the risk of criminals invading your zone of life.