you need
  • - hunting store;
  • - money;
  • - permission to purchase, carry and use weapons.
If you need an inexpensive and does not require special skills to protect against hooligans and dogs, buy yourself a regular pepper spray or pepper spray.They are inexpensive and do not require a permit to carry, but it will help you in a difficult situation.Directed eyes, spray causes severe burning and watery eyes, and you will have a few minutes to escape.It is important the element of surprise, if used improperly, these weapons can only infuriated the offender.
as better protection that can immobilize the enemy, or to deprive its orientation in space, choose a stun gun.Do not buy a weapon in the subway or in the stalls, as there is
a risk to buy low-quality goods.Find a reliable store specializing in such equipment (eg, hunting), only then you will be confident in the reliability and dependability of self-defense.The disadvantage of Taser can be called the need for physical contact with the enemy, which is sometimes quite dangerous and uncomfortable.
If you want to buy a reliable and secure means for self-defense, choose a gas pistol.You can shoot it from a distance of 2 to 4 meters hit the target quickly neutralize the enemy and allow you to retire.Note that in order to get permission to purchase, carry and use a gas pistol, you must be of legal age, to pass a medical examination and a series of lectures on safety.
If you prefer the efficiency and determination, buy traumatic weapons.It fired rubber bullets at high pressure, remember that when released into vital organs can even kill a person.On air gun with a large muzzle energy also need a special permit.
choose the type of weapon and, if necessary, seek permission at any hunting store and buy your favorite model.Do not forget to weapons at home, always carry with you, keep it away from children.