If the contract is "in an amicable way" with a person, damaging your property, does not work, it is most reasonable to order an independent examination.Experts evaluators will determine the damage done to your property, as well as the size of the loss of profits.Today, this method is most effective.Using it, you pinpoint the size of the damage caused to you well, and be able to defend and protect their rights legally.
Immediately after the incident, invite employees of the management company (ECD), if the bay or fire, etc.Either traffic police (if an accident), which should draw up a statement of fact of what happened.Note that in the act necessarily be recorded by the time, place, the degree of damage caused, in addition, details such
as hidden damage.
Stay on getting exactly what you ordered examination, or a representative of the company that hired your opponents may underestimate the amount of compensation.Decide now which make the examination.It all depends on how much you want to;the minimum price - from 4000 rubles.
Refer to the selected appraisal company, a statement on the examination.Do not forget to send telegrams to the perpetrators of the bay, fire, etc.It must be done in advance - for the three business days prior to the invitation of experts.
prepare in advance for the arrival of specialists-appraisers.Do you hold to be an act of flooding and fire, etc.Do not be amiss to give the photos taken immediately after the accident.
assessment may last from one day to five.It all depends on exactly what happened - the bay, fire, accident.In terms of influence, and how many square meters have suffered as a result of the incident.
According to the results of the examination you will be given a report with the total price of rebuilding your property.Remember that this is an official document for the courts of all levels.On receipt of the report, you can easily be sent to the person responsible for what happened for compensation and damages .If an agreement was not possible, contact the court.