carefully behave in a strange city, unfamiliar area;watch the behavior of a number of people standing in transport.Do not carry large sums of money, do not tell about the date of the receipt of wages.
If you are still caught in this situation, do not despair, do not panic, and behave appropriately as possible.Discipline will help you in the short term to find the intruder.Upon detection of the theft try to act as quickly as possible, at the same time to stop leaving the house, apartments, vehicles.Well, if you will have a lot of witnesses.Rarely robberies occur so that no one has seen or heard.
reported their case to law enforcement agencies, write the appropriate application.Thus, you give the course of the case.Suspicion could fall
absolutely anyone, even any way not to attract the attention of the people around them.
When a robbery Be confident, afraid of thieves.Do not make sudden movements, better to give things that you are required to not risk their lives, if you are threatened with sharp objects or weapons.Do not induce aggression in robber .Often people start screaming, while attracting the attention and the offender.It's a great way, but not always effective.Nobody wants to mess with a crime.And only conscientious people to help you in this situation.
while robbing the apartment together with the police interrogate the neighbors.It is important to tend to the view of neighbors with the lower floors.Stranger and stranger stomping certain tone of voice was heard, and this is a piece of evidence in the robbery.