right to carry bicycles in the metro

There is a document that regulates the transportation of bicycles and other things in the subway - "Rules underground."These rules are virtually the same in all cities of Russia, where there is underground.

right about the transport of bikes there usually does not say a word.I do not say that to ride a bicycle is permitted, but an outright ban on this either.It is for this reason that some cyclists go on the subway with a bicycle, and no it does not prevent.Others also stopped.The fact that the "rules" states that you can not carry the load, the amount of which height and two bases in the amoun
t of more than 220 cm, and is also prohibited to transport objects that may injure other passengers or dirty.Cyclists can theoretically soiling other passengers, it is one of the reasons for the prohibition of its transportation.It can also injure someone on the escalator on the condition that you do not hold.

addition, there pochtogramma "On the procedure of transportation of bicycles in the metro," written in 2008, where it is written that carry the bike on the subway is prohibited.According to this document, the bicycle can be carried only in parts, pack it in a bag.In 2002 was set up the previous version of this pochtogrammy, it was stated that it is possible to transport a bike, who shot one of the wheels.Not all cyclists know about toughening those requirements.

Case for bicycle

If the controller or responsible employee subway does not allow you to transport a bicycle in the subway, there is no reason to bicker or argue with him, he just obey the law.Therefore, to transport his two-wheeled friend should be prepared in advance, or make your own by purchasing a bicycle bag.Incidentally, in a case bicycle can transport not only a subway, train or plane.

The easiest option - to buy a case at the store.The cheapest model covers cost about 600 rubles, and if you are a frequent transportation of a bicycle in the subway or other transport modes, it would be good buy.

You can also make your own cover, this is no big deal.The main thing - to make your own pattern size bicycle after removing the front wheel, and folded it together with the rear.If you sew the bag for the transport of bicycles in the metro, you can not worry about what to pack wheel: do not worry if it will stick.