For example, the company chose to relax on the shore of a river or lake.How many cases where, having dived into the water to run, the man hits his head on the floor and received a serious injury!And all it needed: first, to make sure that the depth of the reservoir is sufficient that the dive in this place safe
or amateur "quiet hunting" gathered in a forest full basket of mushrooms.Such beautiful, Kripen'ka, seductive at first sight!Brought it home, cleaned, fry the whole family ate with gusto, praising skillful collector.And among those fungi lurking one single death cup.And the result was extremely sad.But the danger of poisoning can be avoided by following a few simple rules: take
only those mushrooms, which are absolutely sure the house again carefully consider the "prey" all doubtful and flabby, over-mature mushrooms - ruthlessly throw out.
Man cottage bee or wasp stings, and he died, because he was allergic to the venom of these insects.So far it managed to call "ambulance" until it Has reached the precious time was lost.A terrible tragedy and the absurd.Inconsolable widow cursed the last words of the doctors who came too late.But why did this man know about your allergies, going to the cottage, not picked up a package "suprastin", "tavegil", "Zirteka", but any antihistamine that could save his life?Why had not thought of his wife?After all, the danger so easily could have been avoided!
on women returning from work in the evening, was attacked in a dark park, seized her purse and jewelry.Got off easy, it could be much worse.She is indignant: a disgrace where police looking!A reasonable question!But the question is, what caused it to go in the dark through the park one?Why not spared this same park on the well-lit busy streets?Wanted shortcut to save time?That saved.Itself drew to a danger which so easily could have been prevented.
The list is endless.But the blame for the whole human carelessness, hope for the proverbial "maybe".Remember elementary common sense, reasonable care and be able to avoid the many dangers!