aikido masters say that the best fight the one that did not take place.With an open clash with the perpetrator there is no absolute probability of your winning, moreover, the bandit usually confident in their superiority.Therefore, until such a possibility, it should by all means to avoid dangerous situations.
There is a term "victim behavior", meaning a course of action in which you are provoking the potential offender to commit a crime against you.This can be a night walk alone in deserted alleys, public demonstration of large amounts of cash or jewelry, causing sexy clothes - in short everything that makes you attractive in the eyes of a victim of a potential aggressor.Try to control your behavior, routes, dre
ssing in such a way to reduce the chance meeting with the offender.Simple rules dictated by the survival instinct, to help you avoid becoming a victim of bandits, because you and he simply did not meet.
If despite all precautions, you have become an object of criminal aggression, it should first assess the situation and his chances there.Come into conflict only when there is no alternative, or whether you are one hundred percent sure, that come out of it victorious.Otherwise, you may want to lose money, but to preserve the health.Not heroism, as lie for six months in a hospital because of a couple of thousand rubles - very stupid.
Even if you have special training or self-defense weapon your chances to emerge victorious from street fighting is not ultra-high.It's not so much the knowledge of techniques as in the readiness to cause another person pain.The success of many crimes is built on the fact that the aggressor is always ready to the conflict, and the victim taken by surprise.Passing through the dark alleys, stepping into the unlit staircase, holding a weapon of self-defense on hand and ready to fight.Otherwise, it will not help, because the offender will not wait until you will discover pepper spray in your purse.
already got into a fight, it makes no sense to talk about exceeding the limits of self-defense.Your goal - to win, that is to make opponents incapable of further action.If you can agree to this, then the fight is worth it.Be sure the criminal does not stop the ideas of humanism.Only the fear or pain.It is necessary to enroll in self-defense is to develop the ability to attack first, that ordinary people atrophied.
In a situation of potential conflict, try as much as possible to attract the attention of others.The more witnesses, the less bandit wants to commit a crime.Passers-by, vendors, neighbors - all of which can be more reliable protection against criminal than a traumatic gun and self-defense courses.To draw attention to the entrance, is not screaming "Help!" And "Fire!ยป