Many nonresident students, or rather their parents, panic fear to settle their children in dormitories provided by universities, and prefer to rent for their apartments.But they are not as terrible as it seems.Organization of life, the learning process and rest in the hostel is largely dependent on the students themselves.
If you have provided from the university hostel, try to pick up for sharing those guys with whom you are already familiar with the period abiturientstva.Typically, more than 4 people in the room did not
live in any university.It is desirable that your neighbors were like you in temperament, character and upbringing.You have to realize that most of your free time will now take place side by side with them, so it's good if you all "speak the same language."
Upon checking, select the place where each of you will sleep.Together, decide what you need to buy in your room for conducting common economy.Nothing, if some of the things you give relatives living in the city.That is what is missing: the dishes, curtains on the windows, flower stands, shelves, etc., Must be purchased pool their savings.
Discuss with your neighbors the conditions of living together.Speak any prohibitions on the use of your personal property, which just need to be made aware.Set the clock when the room can not be outsiders without your permission, and times when it has to be quiet.Please schedule the room duty and on duty.
You have to understand that living together with strangers does not like anybody, but if there is no choice, you have to take into account the desires and needs of each other.If the neighbors are willing to compromise, then your life together will not be marred by scandals and squabbles utilities.And you with great pleasure will remember it when you become older and your roommate will remain your friends for life.