you need
  • - special equipment, security equipment;
  • - IT-security;
  • - Equipped special professional bodyguards and security guards with walkie-talkies and radio microphones;
  • - Equipment for video surveillance;
  • - metal detectors;
  • - fire protection systems.
Before we talk about security events, identify the person who will completely control it and be responsible for the event.In most cases, the responsibility becomes the organizer, because without adequate security depreciate the remaining elements of the mass event.
human resources (bodyguards and security guards) is always the most reliable tool for ensuring safety.The guards themselves able to monitor the situation, to take measures to eliminate any conflicts a
nd coordinate the actions of those present at the events.However, in order to see the situation as a whole, be aware that they are provided by means of video surveillance, walkie-talkies, that their work was coordinated, it is many times increase the speed of response to emergency situations.
Depending on the type of mass event (whether it is closed or open), and the specificity of separate protection strategy.By the close of activities includes those in which the assembled prearranged narrow circle of people in a separate building where outsiders can not pass.Upcoming events - it rallies, street concerts and fairs.
Closed public events easier to protect against threats from the outside, because the circle of guests, usually limited.For such events, first of all, pick the right room (capacity, compliance with health, fire protection, technical standards).If a backup of the security personnel at the premises is not present, contact your departmental services and private security.
To ensure the safety of public events Complement a large staff, as the risk of crime increase.If necessary, check with guard action by law enforcement agencies.