Firearms or traumatic gun may need a lot of people in our country.Some acquire weapons in order to get by the hour to hunt, others are buying in order to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones.But those and others, before using the weapon for their own purposes, you must have permission to keep and bear.

For a firearm able to get a license?

obtaining the license set forth in the Law of the Russian Federation "On weapons" (Article 3).In accordance with the law of a civilian can issue permission for such firearms:

- hunting guns with special rifled barrel;

- smoothbore hunting firearm;

- tubeless fire weapons;

- long-barreled firearms.

Who can be granted a permit for a firearm?

to a person who wishes to issue a license for the gun, put forward a number of specific requirements
.Home - should not be absolutely no mental illness, including prolonged and chronic.In addition, the man in the course of the year there should be no even administrative violations.

Without fail, a person who wishes to become the owner of the firearm shall not be previously convicted for intentional crimes.Man will not give the document to the right to possess a firearm if he is on the psycho-neurological or drug treatment records.The future owner of weapons must be permanent and be of legal age (18 years).

Where and how to obtain the necessary license?

If you have not registered "contraindications" for storage of firearms must be sent to the Department of licensing and permitting work on your place of permanent residence.It is necessary to take a special statement on the issue the required license, a passport, a photocopy of the document, a special form of medical certificate 046-1, 2 photos 3x4, a receipt that you have made the necessary payment, as well as a letter from the district where it is written that you have purchasedsafe storage of weapons.After a paperwork is completed, you will need to hand over the original examination (in full knowledge of the rules of firearms).

month after visiting OLRR you will be granted the necessary licenses.