the Federal Migration Service and the Ministry of Communications and Communications developed a new project - the introduction of a new generation of ordinary passports.This document will be a plastic card with a photo, some data and an electronic chip with which you can "read" all the information about the citizen.

Gradually paper passport is completely gone from the lives of Russians, but it will not happen before 2018.It was at this time planned to provide all residents of Russian electronic documents.

new passport will replace most of the existing citizens today documents: health insurance, pensions, and driver's license, insurance certificate.Electronic technology is permeated virtually all spheres of human life and unify as much as possible this pa
rt of the infrastructure.Provision of public services will not be affected by certain agencies would be extraterritorial, ie will act on the territory of Russia.

project issuing electronic passports will be linked with the draft of the Universal Electronic Card (UEC).It was originally planned that the UEC will be an additional identification card of citizens and will replace some of the documents: a pension certificate, travel transportation, registration certificate, a policy of compulsory medical insurance, driving license and bank card.

universal electronic card should appear in the hands of citizens in 2012, but its release has been postponed to the year of their issuance by the statements of the citizens is planned only from the beginning of 2013.While the decision on that card will be "relegated" to the passport are not accepted.In many regions, such as the head of the Telecommunications Ministry, no money for the introduction of electronic cards, so the project can be transferred to the federal level.