After torrential rains raised the water level in the mountain rivers and streams.For many years, the channel of the rivers had not been cleaned, which is why they have formed a dam of dry branches, trees and other debris.These "dam" significantly increased the level of water.Krymsk across the river Agadum built 22 bridges - pedestrian, rail and road.They are also constrained to lift water, playing the role of peculiar barricades.Formed something like a stage elevated water reservoirs.As a result, Krymsk, village and village Neverdjayevskaya Nizhnebakansky collapsed wave height up to 7 m.

According to official data, in the Kuban region in the floods inundated 7,200 houses, damaged 23 health institutions, 170 people were killed.Property lost about 30,000 people
.The Crimean region of 700 houses completely destroyed.In addition, destroyed the life support system: power lines, gas and vodoprod.Heavily damaged rail and road ways.

Mudslides washed away silt map oily waste in sewage treatment plants tank farms "Sheskharis" Novorossiysk.8 tons of oil film dragged the water surface.Environmentalists believe that it is 1/10 of all the emissions of the oil caught in the sea, and the rest have settled to the bottom.Estimated damage from the spill - about 12 million rubles.

on disaster management authorities have allocated 4.5 billion rubles.Most of this money will go to purchase and repair housing affected residents.Citizens who lost their homes, can get him compensation at the rate of 5000 rubles per square meter or other accommodation.Social norms, local authorities are defined as follows:
- a family of 3 - 48 square meters.m;
- 2 people - 42 square meters.m;
- 1 person - 33 square meters.m.

130 million rubles.will be spent on repair of medical institutions, 154 million - to clean the channel and dredging the river Agdaum.In addition, 320 million rubles will be spent on treatment and rehabilitation in sanatorium establishments affected by the floods pregnant women, children, disabled and elderly citizens.