you need
  • library card
  • Internet
  • Ability to work with library catalogs
  • Ability to work with search services of the Internet
Find out what youdealing - with or otsenkoyPervoe fact, what we are facing in the preparation of the new information - these are facts.The fact referred to the information already proven the reliability .That information, which is not verified or which can not be verified, a fact not yavlyaetsya.Faktami can be numbers, dates, names, events.All that can be touched, measured, list, confirm.Facts provided by various sources - research institutions, sociological agency, the agency statistics, etc.The main thing that
distinguishes fact from assessment - objectivity.Evaluation always expresses someone's subjective position, emotional attitude, the call for some action.The fact does not give any estimation, nowhere calls.
Check information sources Second, what we are facing - a source of information .Not all the facts we can verify by yourself, so our knowledge is based largely on trust sources.How to check the source of the information ?It is known that the criterion of truth is practice, in other words, true only with the help of which we can solve a specific task.Information should be effective.This effectiveness reflects the number of people who have successfully used this information.The more people trust the source, refer to it, the more reliable the information provided.
compare sources of information Fortunately, the popularity and credibility of the source is no guarantee of reliability.One of the hallmarks of reliable information is its consistency.Any fact should be confirmed by the results of independent studies, ieit should be repeated.Independent researchers have come to the same conclusions.By chance, a single information should be treated with great caution.The more similar information obtained from various sources, so this information is authentic.
Check the reputation of the source of information The fact that the source is always responsible for the facts provided.This responsibility is not only moral, but also real.For providing these dubious organizations that provide them, they may lose their livelihoods.The loss of readers, a fine or even imprisonment - implications for liars can be the most serious.Reputable organizations cherish the reputation and will never risk by publishing false information.Read the history of the organization, find out the names of its leaders, read reviews from readers and expert opinions.
Learn about the author of the source of information Any information that ultimately is transferred to humans.If the information causes you to doubt, check who is the author.Read other works of the author, find his biography, he has a degree, what position he holds, has some experience in this area and, of course, refers to someone.If you can not find out about the author, and the trust questionable information not recommended.