heard shouting "Fire!" And the smell of smoke, and even more so when he saw the flames, call the emergency services on the phone 01. From any mobile phone (including without sim-cards with zero balance) in the MOE can be reached by phone 112.
If smoke is not strong, you can breathe, try to identify the source of combustion - Flat, waste, etc.When an outbreak is possible to try to put it out yourself.Assess their capabilities and strength.On at measures if smoke comes out of cracks apartment door and heard at zyvy for help without waiting for firefighters try to knock the door.
When you can not put out the fire in any way possible notify residents of the danger.Do not create panic.Try to get out of the building and help others to do so, use the stairs and fire escapes balconies.Too smoky areas hold your breath, at kryvaya mouth and nose with a wet handkerchief.If at squat or lie on the floor, breathing air will be more.
Remember, flames and smoke in the stairwell of tall buildings spread in only one direction - up.Because if coming into the entrance of an apartment building or office space in the hallway, you were in the thick smoke, immediately return to the apartment or office and close the door.Slots, tuck the vents with wet cloths to prevent the penetration of the smoke.Windows wide open is not recommended - it will create cravings and strengthen the fire.However, you can go to the balcony, firmly closing the door, and by all means at attracts attention.
Stay calm, urezonte screaming and fear-ridden people.Assessing the situation, do not panic begins to move toward the exit.Caught in the crowd, skip forward children and women.Keep the arms of elderly people.
not enter the room or corridor, where a high concentration of smoke.In the construction and repair of modern buildings use a lot of plastic and synthetics.When burned, they release toxic substances, a few breaths at which leads to the inevitable poisoning and death.
In no case do not try to come down from the upper floors of the outer wall, downspouts, risers or using twisted sheets and ropes - no drop lack of specialized skills often inevitable.Jump out of the window skyscrapers, starting with the 3rd floor - no less dangerous.It can be deadly.If the jump is unavoidable, try to reduce its height, at land on the roof of the car, a shed or a flower bed.To cushion the fall and stay alive, pull down mattresses, blankets, pillows or rugs.