What to do if cell phone stolen?First react.For example, if you have found missing in a public place, then try the following steps: Call on your phone, the thief may have not disabled it, and you'll hear the familiar call.
Send SMS in which he promised a reward for the phone.Perhaps the thief interested in your offer.But at the same time check the delivery report, and suddenly from the SIM card already disposed of, and thus have to move on to other activities.
Maybe the phone was switched on Bluetooth, then try to find it through search devices from other phone , maybe the phone is found near (well, if you previously changed in the settings of the standard name phone for a-What else).
If all previous methods are useless, then simply write Venture a statement to the police.To do this, take along all the documents that c
onfirm you are the owner of the phone (check box with warranty card).
Contact the office, which is located near the site of the theft.The statement indicates that the phone is stolen, because if you write that the phone went missing under mysterious circumstances, is to institute a criminal case will not.Also define the brand, color, price phone , do not forget to describe the circumstances under which your phone is stolen.Also, you will need to know the IMEI-code phone .You can look at the box on the warranty card, this code is unique to each machine.With it, the police will be able to locate the phone .
Contact the company-operator, ask for a listing of recent calls from your room.Perhaps the thief called using your SIM card, then these numbers will work out the police.If the thief managed to get rid of the sim card, then find it, of course, be much more difficult, it is believed that if the phone is not found within a month, it has most likely not be found at all.But do not despair, restore your number you can still.To do this, contact your network operator, it blocks the old card, but after some time you do a new number or even a balance will be maintained.