police officer should introduce themselves to you before asking you any questions.You can ask him to do so in accordance with the Charter of the PPP, and you have the right to request proof of identity.When in doubt or if you were any suspicions about the identity of the police, rewrite its data, it can be useful.
now incumbent will act carefully, because you have shown knowledge of the law and the confidence of their position.Often, after such a request of a citizen police are losing their interest in him.
If the incident is not yet exhausted, let these police officers to their relatives.Ask to explain the reason of interest to you, if the police still did not.Require you document it may, if it has reason to suspect
that you have committed a crime or take you wanted list.The employee is not entitled to PPP and check the registration or registration, it's the work of the Federal Migration Service and the district.
police officer is obliged to explain their demands and talk about your rights and responsibilities.Of course, he can say that you are like a person on the wanted list.In this case it is better to show the documents.This may be a passport, a passport, driver's license, permit, student card and other documents with your photo and print.
Lawyers are advised not to issue a passport out of hand, because without a passport you will be in a subordinate position.Withdrawal of the passport the police made in specific cases - in detention, in case of conviction.If you do not have a document, a police officer can take you to the police for identification.
Personal searches can be carried out in the presence of witnesses and essential design of the protocol.Understood in this case must be of the same sex with you.The police have no right to violate the integrity of your belongings.If you find yourself in things something extraneous, write about it in the minutes of detention in the appropriate box.
not be adjusted immediately to the negativity and conflict, maintain a polite tone without hysterical shouts and threats against police officers.Try to follow the simple rules so as not to attract the attention of law enforcement.
always dressed decently, in a clean ironing clothes.Do not leave home intoxicated.Suspiciously looks much luggage: bag, box, package.Do not disturb the public order.