you need
  • - TV studio;
  • - revision of radio;
  • - equipment for alert;
  • - mobile operators;
  • - urban LAN or Forums.
equipment for mass notification of the population, many regard as a relic of the past.But this is not so.Such systems are preserved in many localities.Where there is an increased risk of man-made disaster, such as the settlements close to the objects of nuclear power, efficiency of such systems constantly support specialists MOE.
Make the message you want to convey to all residents.It should be short and clear, there should be a specific reference to the nature of the danger.Specify what to do to resid
ents, as well as ways and possible evacuation assembly points.If necessary, use the signals intended for different types of risk.Write a text so that it is equally well suited for reading on radio or television, and for quick posting on forums and social networks, as well as SMS.You can make two choices, reducing the bit that is designed for mobile operators.
Create a newsletter.Score into your e-mail addresses of all the media and send them messages with the text you wrote.In the letter, you can ask to help you spread the word on forums and social networks.
Arrange with the local offices of mobile operators, and send them an e-mail or mobile phone.They, in turn, will notify all of its customers for several minutes.
appeared on local radio and television.You can immediately make a record of all media.It takes much less time than if you go around all the studios.In an emergency situation for the shooting will fit even the amateur camera.It is better if an appeal made by the head of the local Emergency Situations Ministry department or the head of the municipality.