on the transport of traumatic weapons should be primarily guided by the RF Government Decree of 21.07.1998 N 814 (the latest version of which is dated 02.28.2013) "On Measures to regulate the circulation of civilian and service weaponsand ammunition in the territory of the Russian Federation. "
According to paragraph 75 of the Act, to transport a traumatic weapons can without permission if you move within the region (region, republic, autonomous region or federal cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sevastopol), where your gun has been put on the acc
ountthe bodies of internal affairs.
law also establishes the need for transportation of traumatic weapons in their cases, holsters or special cases.
For the rest, if not retreat "away from home", transportation traumatic weapons is not something very complicated in terms of the law.Therefore, it may also wish to ensure that you own yourself and others additional security measures, such as: put the gun on the fuse, wear it discharged, etc.
However, if you are going outside your field, in this case, you already need a special permission from the police department, where your gun is on the account.With this permission, you can transport the weapons and personal transport, Intercity bus, on the train compartment.
If you go to another area with traumatic weapons on the second-class car, the gun you will need to pass to the foreman of the train.
At airfare citizen must pass traumatic weapon available to the police or aviation security.Then go to the weapons inspection, and its owner will be required to draw up the documents for its transportation.For this is drawn up in 3 copies, signed by the owner and authorized traumatic weapons, responsible for the security of the person.One copy of act remains with the citizen, the other goes to the crew, the third statement is accompanied baggage.Traumatic weapons on the flight is stored in the cargo hold of the aircraft in a plastic or metal box.Upon arrival, "disarmed" Citizen Act gives employees the airport, after which he returned to his guns.
Perhaps the most difficult situation for you would then, if you suddenly will be going for whatever their purpose to carry with them more than 5 units of traumatic weapons, and / or more than 400 rounds of ammunition for it (well, suddenly;After all, in life there are all sorts of situations, you see).In this case, based on paragraph 77 of the law Given the above, the transportation is carried out in the manner provided for legal entities.That is, to move the arms or ammunition in such numbers you have, at least, hire guards of the two men.