Fighting thieves begins at settling into a new apartment.In order to aggravate access criminals equip your home with a metal door locking pins on the side of retractable locking.
If the apartment is on the first floor, you provide to the window bars.
not skimp vain apartment and put under protection with the installation of alarm.
Discuss together with other homeowners the opportunity to equip in the entrance intercom system or hire a concierge.
not necessarily start watchdog - you can buy a simulator barking dog fighting breeds, which responds to calls in the inspection door.
criminals easier to open the door "native" key or exact duplicates made from the originals, which can occasionally "borrowed" from the home for a short time.Follo
w the safety key in a purse or pockets.
Naladte relations with its neighbors in the stairwell, which if necessary can always arrange the noise caused by the police, or calling loudly for help.
Burglary always thinks for the sake of plunder small in size but big-ticket items that can be quickly found in the apartment and carry away in a pocket or small bag.So do not keep home significant amounts of cash and expensive jewelry to purchase safe, screwed to the floor or located in wall.