Develop a model of behavior that is adequate.If you run away from every person who has an interest, which is now an hour on a full life without fear, you can forget.A normal person should be neat, not to invade your personal space, do not try to shock you in any way.
Highlight mismatch between the deliberate pattern of behavior and reality.The more you have identified discrepancies, the more likely it is that before you is a maniac.In order to always be alert, need to be "here and now".If you do not pay attention to what is happening around, the chances of falling into the hands of a maniac increase appreciably.
Pay attention to the human eye.Typically, the killers before the at
tack, a large amount of adrenaline.Because of this peripheral vision ceases to be clear.Therefore, the attacker need to rotate the head, the eyes start to run in search of danger.
Look, a man is worried.It can be expressed in rubbing his hands, stammering, nervous shuffling the edges of clothing.Of course, this does not guarantee that before you is a maniac, but when combined with other features to make such a conclusion would be a lot easier.
Pay attention to your intuition.Sometimes you may get the feeling that after you someone is watching.You should not write him to his mistrust: it is possible that you are not mistaken.If you notice someone who is watching you closely for some time, be careful, try to go to a crowded place.If after careful observation of the person toward you, with high probability we can say that it is - a maniac.
Ask an unexpected question that is unlikely to have a prepared answer.The question may be very different subjects, for example, in which a person buys products shop.If he is baffled suspicious subject, it means that the other person is thinking of something else, in the worst case, up to something.