To improve reputation you absolutely must fulfill the promise.If you offer to do something that you can not afford, do not accept and "to climb out of the skin."In no case did not handle the case in which you do not understand.
Also, remember that the most important to carry out all the maximum quality and so that the customer was satisfied.For example, you - the designer.You have been asked to design attic.You need the most responsible approach to this problem is to try to learn this at the customer what he wants to see what his basic requirements.Then carefully think through all the details, if you need to verify that a client.
also very important and punctuality.At the conclusion of a deal, as a rule, set term.You
have to meet him.Of course, in life there are all sorts of contingencies, so any deviation from the time-frame, it is necessary beforehand to inform the customer.
periodically visit various conferences, a speech, it is known that increasing the competence and leads to an increase in reputation.It is very important uchuvstvovat in any seminars, receive certificates for the successful work that is necessary given the maximum to his cause.
Be responsive and kind to their customers and employees.Let everyone know that you are a professional and high quality you can find language with any person, even too rough.
Remember that coming to you, the customer should feel most comfortable.If he would like to work with you, he will speak about "a good" company and acquaintances, and then multiply the number of customers.
From the above we can conclude that corresponds to its public image, try to reviews of your company have always been excellent, and be responsible towards work.