you need
  • - phone;
  • - Photo missing;
  • - accounts in social networks.
First, try to get through to the missing.Perhaps he does not respond or is not available, because the village battery or just accidentally turned off the phone, and after a while he could pick up the phone.
Call friends and relatives of the missing.Find out whether they have it at a party, or if they knew where he could go.The most common missing children are just friends.Since children can lie and cover each other, immediately call the child's parents.
If the person is registered in the social networks, keep track of the Internet, to see whether it somewhere onli
ne.This is a good sign.
Call or go themselves in places where the missing person might happen - cafes, bars, restaurants, etc.If the missing alcohol abuse, call the sobering-up stations and ask, did not bring you to a man like him.
Call the police.It is believed that there will be a statement about the loss, if it took less than three days.It's not required to adopt a statement a day after the man disappeared.Police describe all you can how was dressed missing as it looks (better bring a photo) and name all the places where he could appear, list the names of friends and acquaintances.
If the person does not appear for quite some time, if you are already connected to the police, but the results yet, publish the ad in social networks.Paper ads similar patterns can be created in the police, and then print it out and paste up, but search through a social network - is completely on you.Please, under any circumstances, a missing person, how he was dressed, attach a photo, preferably in the same clothes.Ask a friend to disseminate information on the Internet.Such measures can provide invaluable assistance, as the information spreads very quickly.By the way, in social networks, there are groups of volunteer search teams.These people can help the police to search, you can refer to them.