Tip 1: How to obtain a weapons permit in Moscow

acquisition and possession of weapons, regardless of their purpose: sports, collection, self-defense and security activity - can not take place without a permit issued by the Department of Police guided by the Federal Law "On Weapons", RF Government Decree of 21.07.1988, № 814and the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of 12.04.1999 № 288.
Before contacting a law-enforcement bodies need to collect a package of documents required to obtain a license for the weapon.Firstly, it is necessary to apply to the clinic and pay about 1,500 rubles per certificate form 046-1, in which the doctor noted the absence of contraindications.It confirms good vision, mental health, nonsusceptibility bad habits.After completing specialized doctors must obtain the opinion of the therapist.Help is given to citizens of the Russian Federation, having at the hands of passport and military ID.The latter could replace the service registration certificate.
person applying for a weapons permit, must perfectly know the rules of storage, as well as to be able to use it.Article 13 of the Federal Law "On weapons" establishes the duty of the citizens to be tested for the presence of such skills.To master them, you need to complete specialized courses.If the part of medicine and inspection bodies no obstacles, you can start buying a safe or lockable metal box, which is required for the storage of equipment.If plans include wearing long-barreled weapons, it is necessary to obtain a hunting license.It is issued free of charge and does not require the submission of additional documentation.
resolution on the future need to do two matte photo format 3 * 4.If the license is not to be one, but several trunks, then each should be given one more picture.Passport, which will need to take a pre-photocopier.When writing the application should know exactly what kind of weapons purchased and highly desirable - model name.About these particulars in advance manage the store.All of the above documents will need to hike to the department responsible for issuing licenses.
a couple of weeks to come home local police, who will examine the site of the future storage of weapons, as well as noting the presence of other security elements: alarm, bars on the windows, iron doors.All this he indicates in the report that in two weeks is required to provide to the police station.The latter will make a decision - about him should handle yourself on the phone or in person.If the result is positive, it should take the receipt to pay the state fee, and then go for the final license, and you can visit the shop and buy a gun type, the appropriate permissions.
To obtain a weapons permit is necessary to come to the department of licensing and permitting operation at ATC is located in the community.Thus, residents should contact the Central District, ul.Usachev, d.62, Northern Autonomous Okrug - ul.Admirala Makarova, d.23, building 1.Place the rest can be found on the Web site.The main thing management of LRR Moscow is on ul.Schepkina, d.20, p.1.

Tip 2: How to get a license to store

license for the store is required if alcohol is represented in the range or low-alcohol products.For the license applicant in this case, imposes rather strict requirements.
How to obtain a license to shop
you need
  • - the charter of a commercial company;
  • - Memorandum of Association (if any);
  • - certificate of state registration (BIN);
  • - the certificate of registration with the tax office;
  • - confirmation of the share capital issued by the bank;
  • - lease / sublease;
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor;
  • - a copy of the document confirming payment of license fees.
At the opening of the store, which is planned to be retail trade in alcoholic beverages, and the receipt of a license for the store in the first place to register a commercial firm one of the following legal forms: OOO, OAO, ZAO.
correctly pick a room, given its location relative to schools, clinics and so on. D. (Distance not less than 100 m) and the total area (not less than 50 sq. M), conclude an agreement on lease (sublease).Evaluate your organization's authorized capital for small businesses it should be not less than 300 000 rubles.
then proceed to registration of the license, which refer to the Department of Consumer Market and Services and submit a package of documents, consisting of:
- Charter;
- the memorandum of association (if any);
- certificate of state registration (BIN);
- the certificate of registration with the tax office;
- an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;
- confirmation of the share capital (issued by the bank);
- certificate of absence of tax arrears (issued by the tax authority, which registered the Company);
- lease / sublease, certificate of ownership;
- conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor;
- documents Technical Inventory Bureau;
- registration card cash machines;
- the order of appointment of the head;
- a document confirming payment of license fees.
pondered the question of recourse to the professional law firm to process a license to store, carrying out retail sale of alcoholic beverages.Payment services specialists is unlikely to be higher than the costs incurred in the payment of rent for the time self-registration of all documentation required for submission to the Department of Trade and Services.
And do not forget that the action you received alcohol license will be limited in time, and at least one month before the end of that period to apply for a license renewal.
Helpful Hint
sure also provides for a notarized copies of documents other than payment - they require only the originals.