If you start worrying, then to find the lost girl , first of all ring up her friends and acquaintances with whom she could meet in the day was gone.Call the police and medical institutions, ambulance station, find out if they do not have information about this person.
living in Moscow and the Moscow region may apply to the "Registration Office accidents", working under the auspices of the police department at (495) 688-22-52.It receives data about all occurred on the territory of incidents and accidents, persons detained by the police and went to medical institutions that were unable to provide information about yourself.
In the case where could not find anything, please contact the law enforcement agencies - the sooner they act, the more likely to find the missing.If there is reasonable suspicion of loss of 02 call and check with the duty, in any department of the interior should refer.In accordance with Article 12 of the Federal Law "On Police", you can not refuse to accept the application, regardless of how long the person is absent.
Prepare the necessary application documents: your passport, documents missing girl, her latest photo, medical card or an extract of a chronic disease, X-rays, if they are available.
In a statement, choose detailed signs missing, its special distinctive external signs, medical data.Also describe the clothes that had been missing girl, jewelry, who were wearing on her.List acquaintances with whom she talked recently, as well as existing enemies and detractors.
Get in ATS ticket alert confirming that the application has been accepted and registered properly.In that case, if you have confidence that the girl was the victim of a crime, contact the prosecutor's office to open a criminal investigation.
take extra steps - to advertise the missing, with its trappings and photography on the streets and on the Internet.The Internet police department in Moscow post photos of unidentified bodies and missing information, review it.Place the information in the media is sent a photo and description of the girl.Monitor how things are quest sozvanivayas the investigator tasked to you.These measures will help you to find the lost girl as quickly as possible.