opinions of experienced law enforcement officials agree that in most situations, street crime or violence committed by persons confident of their impunity, or depressed state of the victim.
therefore exhibits increased attention for environment and exercise stop eyes control located close to people.Typically, attackers prefer to implement conceived choose passers deeply immersed in himself, in a state of intoxication, and not pay attention to the details of place.
All their appearance radiate confidence and keep a straight.Bullies and pickpockets trying not to mess with these citizens, as always count on his strongly exhibited physical superiority or moral domination of the person encountered.They do not think they can have any resistance.Always take the initiative and take advantage of any
chance to enter encroached misled about their real abilities and capabilities.In an extreme case, an elementary and urgent shout loudly called for help.
With sufficient training and sports specific skills available to find the culprits in their apartment or car, disarm the motion thieves or limit their space for free maneuver, blocking the outside doors and windows.
It is not necessary to be a superhero or a master of martial arts, to catch and neutralize the small robber who had taken the girl handbag or a thief, quietly stole a purse from the garment rotozeev or left unattended on the bar, the phone.
Sometimes enough to trace its movements and in the process of following them to call law enforcement.In cities with a significant population of patrols, posts or dresses of various services are constantly in public places.Contact and succinctly describe the situation occurred to them that they were able to detain the offender by signs.