potential hazard - the likelihood of human exposure to harmful and life-threatening factors that can lead to injury, sudden and drastic health problems.

Features potential danger

potential danger - it is a universal property of human interaction with the environment and its components.Her character changes from natural and natural factors of human life to all kinds of negative anthropogenic factors often associated with scientific and technological progress (electricity, all kinds of radiation, high and low temperature, power grid).

work environment is complemented by the increasingly powerful technology, and technical systems that facilitate human labor, make it more productive, and in some cases eliminate the need altogether without human intervention.However, the more high-tech environment with which people interact, the g
reater the potential danger to him.All production processes are potentially dangerous to health and can cause loss of life.

potential hazards and risks

probability of potential danger can be assessed by risk.In practice, complete security is unattainable as long as there is a source of danger.However, you can reduce the risk of danger to a minimum, ensuring maximum safety.As a consequence, the risk of a long period of time remains unfulfilled or may occur in the form of an accident.

The main characteristic of the level of security - the permissible (residual) risk to humans.Using various statistical data, it is possible to pre-evaluate the risk in various spheres of human activity.For example, the risk of suffering in a car accident can be characterized as follows: for 1 year from the 10 people at risk to get into a car accident.

Acceptable risk practice established in accordance with the achieved in the most prosperous similar systems' technical system - a man. "For example, the probability of a severe accident at a nuclear power plant should not exceed 10 (10 for 1 reaktorogod).Acceptable risk is necessary to provide a set of necessary measures (technological, technical, organizational), that will minimize the likelihood of danger.