Try renounce dishonesty in relation to others and in relation to the state to start paying taxes properly, break the cycle of cronyism, stop giving bribes at every step.In the end, I do not smoke in the elevator or in crowded places, and do not throw garbage in a forest glade, or by the garbage can.
make efforts to study their rights (to take at least the same Constitution, which many have never even looked) and general laws
of the state in which you live, especially relevant today for yourself oritself.
Experience shows that no result remains and street-yard activity - participation in sanctioned rallies, for example, against the building in his native city e harmful industrial enterprises;active, as far as possible, monitor the activities of the management company (for example, the same tracking tariffs or persistent complaints about bad service or repair, if any, are to be).
In the case of extreme poverty and inaction of local authorities in large-scale problems (for example, systematic pollution, illegal infill development in the courts or in your neighboring houses, the judicial lawlessness, etc.) must be handled ingovernment and higher courts.Moreover, did not disdain to write to the president himself.There is ample evidence that such written request, subject to significant mass requests do not remain unanswered and beneficial posledstviy.Kak whatsoever and that would not have prepared the home country and, therefore, the native city have (because one without the other anywhere)the near future, every honest and responsible person is obliged to do everything in his power - well, in extreme cases, at least not remain indifferent and to make even the most modest action.And all this - that among the mass beastliness and groveling to save a human face without damaging the mind and not to lose faith in the future - for themselves, for their children and family, for the sake of future generations.