In each situation we must act differently.For example, your neighbors - it is quite normal people, had not made a noise, and now they have some kind of celebration, prolonged late?Scandals, sharp complaints put forward hardly worth it.It is better to proceed as follows: go to the neighbors, congratulate them triumphantly and politely ask for turn down the volume of music.With a probability of 99%, you will meet with pleasure, but still sorry to trouble you.It so happens that people are excited joyful meeting and alcohol consumption, just do not hit upon s
uch a simple thing.
If the night noise is repeated with annoying regularity, and before neighbors did not "reach" - write a complaint the district.He is obliged to respond.Unfortunately, our law is too loyal to the violators of peace and quiet, so first the neighbors will be issued a warning, then the matter can reach the fine.Alas, its size is hardly deter ill-bred people (especially if they are anti-social way of life), but it's better than nothing.
filed a lawsuit demanding compensation for moral damages.Pre-prepared for the fact that it is not a simple matter, requiring the investment of time and nerves.Since by law the burden of proof will fall on you, take care, for example, about the testimony.In the role of witnesses to speak other neighbors may also suffer from night noise.Already there are cases in judicial practice, when fans of loud music is not only paying a very substantial fines, but also suffered a much more serious punishment.For example, one Ural city residents brought "white-hot" restless neighbors - DJ, which included a hard night to music at full volume, have made it out.Harsh, but fair lesson.