Very often it happens that the victim provoked the criminal literally his frivolous behavior.For example: a man comes home late at night.Natural reasonable demands to choose the route, which runs along the crowded, well-lit streets.But no: trying to save time, "cuts off" the path, turning to the road leading through the park or vacant lot construction.And there he was attacked by hooligans and looters.The natural question is: who needs such "savings"?
Behave modest, that is, your behavior must comply with conditions.For example, a woman went to the party dressed in a mini-skirt and a blouse with a deep n
eckline, and with a defiant bright makeup.There, the "taking" too much, started openly flirting with strange men.As a result, the next morning it applies the rape.Of course, it is her own business, which he put on some makeup to use, and even how to behave.But in that case, should we be surprised that it took for the lady quite definite profession and treated accordingly?If she looked and behaved more modest, this would probably not happen!
Try not to tell friends and acquaintances about the important matters have been scheduled.Be careful and vigilant.For example, going to sell the apartment, the couple retired at the famous old man's habit told it to all your friends and acquaintances.Who is the buyer what amount.The result is very sad: a raid on the apartment immediately after the transaction.And there is no more money, and a place to live - is unclear.And all because someone from friends or acquaintances, too, dismissed the language without malice.The information came to the criminals.But worth it just to keep silent about the impending deal, and keep the money under the mattress is not at home, and in the safety deposit box, and the problems could have been avoided.
observe basic care and you do not attract to itself the crime situation.